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Dear June Weaver,
We appreciate your feedback and would like to discuss your claim with you. Please contact us at 1-888-531-5403 and we will be happy to go over the terms of the policy with you.

Thank you,
Choice Home Warranty

This company is unbelievable. They find excuses to get out of paying for air conditioning repairs.

They say everything is pre existing. They sent a company out for repairs and told us it was a bad blower fan motor and contact. We paid for these repairs because they would not and being in Florida with an elderly parent in the home we thought it would be easier to just get it up and running. That was wishful thinking.

We paid and the ac still had same issue blowing in home but not cold. Technician said he would have to come out to determine issues. By this time been without ac for over a week. Cam back second time was told need compressor.

Basically new ac system. They don't pay for that either all pre existing. They wanted me to buy new system with Labor over $5000.00 this was after choice had been out three different times. Two weeks at this point still no ac.

I decided to call my regular ac repair man. I was told that the compressor was good did not need a new ac system. I was informed by my ac company that the fan was installed the fan upside down so it did not work and caused the defrost board to short out. My ac company is going to repair my ac for 384.00 days o get it running.

Choice stated they are not responsible for horrible work and lies by there repair guy. This company is ripping so many people off. There has been suit filed in New Jersey where they are based and customers have been awarded over 700,000 this was in July. The New Jersey consumer affairs can help you file a complaint there are 900 on going again.

I am sending mine in you can call 973-504-6200 to file complaints. Ask them to give you in writing all denials for claims. Keep original contract and all correspondence with good records. Good luck they have not heard the last from me.

I will contracting a attorney because the principals of this company need to be shut down. Don't give them a dime if you cancel they will keep most all your premium cancellation fee any repairs that they paid and prorated amount. Stay far far away in.

If you don't you will have to fight fight and they will cause you very much grief. Thanks stay away.

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