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We apologize for your frustration. Please reach out to our vendor relations team 1888-531-5403 to discuss your concerns.

currently there are 4 companies in my area that chw owes over 50 grand to (combine) - THEY REFUSE TO PAY CLAIMS!!- they make their money by collecting the customers payments (for the contracts), then they have the contractors pay the money for the repairs upfront then they refuse to pay the contractor - what can we all do a class action?

if you research this company and the officers oddly you find that Victor the president of chw is also the president of hwat which uses a dba in tx as home warranty administrators and a second dba naming them choice home warranty - oddly they try to sue the bbb for standing up for customers - the bbb only reports what the consumers give them - i have filed with the AG, the insurance board, with their local news, with my states local news ... i will stop at nothing until CHW/HWAT or what ever their name is (registered in nj under CHW Group, LLC ... together we can take them down ... they have no problem cashing their checks cause they are ripping everyone off but when us Lil companies have problems cashing our cause they refuse to pay there is a huge problem ...

contact victor and let him know you are onto them (researching online helps to find the companies presidents information) .l.. this company is owned by Jack A Aini out of NY .. he owns Aini & Lazar (718) 758-5202 (..

maybe we should all contact him ...then again since he is an attorney he will probably throw legal mumbo jumbo in our face and tell us to screw off so that they again can continue to steal the money of the consumers and in return put the consumers local businesses in debt

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Michigan, United States #915076

Is he even a legitimate "lawyer"? Contact New York New York State Unified Court System, 212-428-2800. Contact New Jersey New Jersey Board of Bar Examiners, 609-984-2111

Eugene, Oregon, United States #838250

Can you tell me where Victor Lives. Can you get a business address for both?

Ringgold, Georgia, United States #793323

If you only knew!! I didn't tell half the things they've done to me thus far!! There's not enough room!

Noblesville, Indiana, United States #776403

I live in Indiana and having the same problem!

Lets all join together and bring them down!

to Grandma Ringgold, Georgia, United States #793328

I would love to bring um down!! There has to be a way!!


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